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  • Good Phase Noise over MIL temperature range
  • Output Squarewave, ACMOS available 1.25MHz to 50MHz
  • Industry-standard dual-in-line package

Typical Applications


Frequency Range: 1.25MHz to 300.0MHz
Output Model ZT620/ZT621: Squarewave, ACMOS (available from 1.25MHz to 50.0MHz) Model ZT622/XT623: PECL (available from 50MHz to 300MHz)
Load ACMOS: 15pF ±5% PECL: 50Ω to VSUPPLY -2.0V
Symmetry: 50%±10%
Ageing: ±2x10-9 per day after 30 days
Input Voltage ZT620 & ZT622: +5.0VDC ±5% ZT621 & ZT623: +3.3VDC ±5%
Frequency Adjust: ±5ppm typical positive slope 0 to VSUPPLY EFC