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  • Industry-standard 14 x 9.8mm SMD package
  • Frequency range 1MHz to 133MHz
  • Supply Voltages 3.3 Volts or 5.0 Volts
  • Enable/Disable function option.

Typical Applications


Package Type: Plastic (Resin)encapsulated
Frequency Range: 1.0MHz to 100.0MHz
Frequency Stability*: ±25ppm to ±100ppm
Operating Temperature Range: 0° ~+70°C, Part code: ‘C’ -40° ~+85°C, Part code: ‘I’
Storage Temperature Range: -55° to +125°C
Ageing: ±5ppm/year maximum (Ta=25°C, Vdd=2.7V, 3.3V or 5.0V)
Packaging: Bulk pack or tubed
Output Levels: TTL or CMOS
Maximum Output Loads <40MHz: 30pF >40MHz: 15pF
Duty Cycle CMOS <40MHz: 45/55% maximum CMOS >40MHz: 40/60% maximum
Output Clock Rise/Fall Times: 4ns maximum
Power Supply Current: 25mA (unloaded)
Start-up Time: 10ms maximum (from power-on)
Output Disable Time Synchronous: T/2ns typical, T+10ns maximum Asynchronous: 10ns typical, 15ns maximum