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  • Industry-standard 14 pin DIL package
  • Frequency range 20kHz to 160MHz
  • Supply voltage 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 or 5.0 Volts
  • Optional Tristate function (Enable/Disable)
  • Custom frequencies speedily produced in Euroquartz factory

Typical Applications

  • Any application requiring an oscillator


Series Number: EQXO-1000
Frequency Range: 20kHz to 160MHz
Supply Voltage: +1.8 Volts ±5%: CMOS 1.8MHz to 60.0MHz +2.5 Volts ±5%: CMOS 0.3MHz to 125MHz +3.3 Volts ±5% TTL/CMOS 20kHz to 130MHz +5.0 Volts ±10%: TTL/CMOS 20kHz to 160MHz
Output Load HCMOS: 15pF standard, 50pF available TTL: 2 to 10TTL gates
Rise/Fall Time HCMOS: 10ns max., 3ns typical. Measured between10% to 90% waveform (CL=15pF) TTL: 10ns max., 3ns typical. Measured between 0.4VDC to 2.4VDC (RL=390Ω CL = 15pF)
Duty Cycle: HCMOS: 40% (min.)/60% (max.) Measured at 50% waveform. 50%±5% is available, add 'S' to part number
Operating Temperature Range Commercial: 0° to +70°C Industrial: -40° to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range: -55° to +105°C
Start-up Time: 5ms typical, 10ms max
Current Consumption: 10mA ~ 45mA
Tristate Option: Output is high impedance when '0' (<0.8 Volts) is applied to Pin 1, (internal pull-up). Disable time = 150ns max