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  • A 32.768kHz TCXO, also from 20kHz to 50kHz. Package is a low-profile 6 pad 11.4 x 9.6mm SMD.
  • Supply voltage 3.3 or 5.0 Volts
  • Frequency stability from ±1ppm over -30 to +75°C
  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications

  • Stability from ±1ppm -30°~+75°C and output is HCMOS square wave.


Product Series Code TCXO: EM62GT VCTCXO: VEM62GT
Frequency Range: 32.768kHz Standard frequency 20.0kHz to 50.0kHz
Output Waveform: Squarewave
Initial Calibration Tolerance Models with mech. trimmer: <1.0ppm (at t. 25°±2°C) Models without trimmer: <2.0ppm (at t. 25°±2°C)
Frequency Stability vs. Ageing: ±1.0 ppm max. first year vs. Voltage Change: ±0.3 ppm max. ±5% change vs. Load Change: ±0.3 ppm max. ±10% change vs. Reflow: ±1ppm max. for one reflow (Measured after 24 hours)
Supply Voltage: +3.3 or +5.0Volts
Output Logic Levels: Logic High: 90% Vdd min. Logic Low: 10% Vdd max.
Rise and Fall Times: 10ns max
Duty Cycle: 50%±5%
Start-up Time: 2ms typical, 5ms max.
Output Load : 15 pF
Storage Temperature: -55~+125°C