• Frequency Range 10.0MHz to 100.0MHz
  • 25.4 x 25.4 x 16.0mm 5 pin metal, solder-sealed package
  • Supply Voltage 12.0 Volts
  • AT-Cut Crystal
  • Sine Wave Output
  • EFC (Voltage control) as standard

Typical Applications


Crystal Cut: AT-cut
Output Waveform: Sine Wave
Supply Voltage: +12.0 VDC ±0.2V
Frequency Range: 10.0MHz to 100.0MHz
Initial Calibration Tolerance: ±0.5ppm max.(at VCON +2.5V)
Frequency Stability
over 0° to +60°C: ±0.05ppm over -20° to +70°C: ±0.1ppm over -40° to +85°C: ±0.2ppm vs. Voltage Change: <±20ppb for ±5% change vs. Ageing: ±5.0ppb max per day ±0.5ppm per first year ±3.0ppm over 10 years vs. Load Change: <±20ppb for ±5% change
Warm-up Time: 3 minutes max. to within ±0.5ppm of nominal freq.
Voltage Control Control Voltage Centre: +2.5 Volts (VCON) Freq. Deviation Range: ±5.0ppm min., ±20ppm max. ref. to 25°C and O.T.R. Control Voltage Range: 2.5V ±2.0Volts Transfer Function: Positive: Increasing control voltage increases output frequency Input Impedance: 100k minimum EFC Linearity: ±10% maximum
Power Dissipation: 1.0W max. steady state 3.0W max. at turn on
Output Level: +3dBm typ., +8dBm max into 50W load Harmonic: -30dBc min. Spurious: -75 dBm min
Reference Voltage: +4.0±0.3VDC or custom
Envionmental Storage Temperature: -55° to +125°C Shock: 2000g, 0.3ms ½ sine Vibration: 10 ~2000Hz / 10g