• Miniature size: 7.0mm x 5mm x 1.2mm height
  • Gold-plated ceramic base with metal seam-welded lid
  • To minimize EMI the whole crystal may be grounded
  • Tight tolerance of ±10pppm for telecommunications use
  • High shock and vibration resistance

Typical Applications

  • Ideal for PDAs, GPS, PCMCIA /hand-held equipment


Frequency Range AT-Cut Fundamental: 6.0MHz to 45.0MHz AT-Cut 3rd Overtone: 30.0MHz to 125.0MHz
Calibration Tolerance at 25ºC*: from ±5ppm (±10, ±20 or ±30ppm standard)
Frequency stability -10° to +60°C from ±5ppm -20° to +70°C from ±10ppm -40° to +90°C from ±15ppm -55 to +125°C from ±20ppm
Storage Temperature: -55°~+105°C
Shunt Capacitance (C0): 2pF to 4pF typical, 7pF maximum
Load Capacitance (CL): Series or from 10pF to 32pF ( Customer specified CL)
Ageing: <±3ppm per year at +25°C
Drive level: 100 mW maximum
Reflow Soldering: 10s maximum, 260°C twice or 180s at 230°C, once
Package: Ceramic base, metal lid, Hermetic seal
Packaging: 16mm EIA tape and reel 1000 pieces per reel