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 Filters, Microwaves and RF from Euroquartz Euroquartz manufacture a full range of standard filters as well as custom specification filters. 
We provide a flexible and responsive service, ensuring that you do not have to make compromises in your product designs due to concerns over the availability of components.
Click on a link to view our standard filters.
If you would like to discuss your custom requirements with an engineer, then click on the link to 'Ask An Expert' and we will call you back to discuss your requirements. Or, call us on +44(0)1460 230000 or email info@euroquartz.co.uk
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Custom Filters

Custom Filters

Custom crystal filters, overview of capability. 


Narrow Band Pass Crystal Filters

Narrow band pass crystal filters are designed to pass a narrow frequency band and reject all other frequencies. The maximum band width using fundamental mode crystals is 0.3% of the centre frequency and is 0.03% when using third overtone crystals. Frequency range 1.0MHz to 100.0MHz.

Intermediate Band Pass Crystal Filters

The maximum bandwidth of this range of crystal filters is 2.0% of the centre frequency. Frequency range 1.0MHz to 100.0MHz.

Linear Phase Crystal Filters

To avoid distortion and ringing due to group delay it is necessary to have a flat time-delay characteristic. The group delay of a highly selective filter, varies considerably within the pass band. This introduces distortion into digital and low noise transmission signals. These problems can be overcome by specifying a Linear phase crystal filter. Frequency range 1.0MHz to 180.0MHz.


Comb Filter Banks

A comb filter bank is made up of a number of crystal filter elements which are used to divide a particular frequency spectrum into discrete elements. Frequency range 1.0MHz to 100.0MHz.

Band Reject Filter

A band reject filter is a narrow band device which will reject a single frequency from a spectrum of frequencies


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